Sometimes I forget about the wet towels in the washing machine.
Sometimes I grab handfulls of reeses peanut butter cups until I've had like 25.
Sometimes (or always) I make a gazillion lists.
Sometimes I start books and then never finish them.
Sometimes I start a book and can't do anything until I finish it.
Sometimes I don't put away my clean clothes and just keep them in the basket.
Sometimes I get so cold I put on 5 layers of clothes.
Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair dark brown.
Sometimes my room looks like an atomic bomb went off.
Sometimes I feel like crying for no reason, or for many, many reasons.
Sometimes I put in my Disney Princess CD and sing at the top of my lungs.
Sometimes I like to snuggle up and stay home all day.
Sometimes I think back on the regrets I have.
Sometimes I hate picking out outfits.
Sometimes I think back to those who have passed away and miss them terribly.
Sometimes I like to get caught in the rain.
Sometimes I love to wear heels and don't care about how tall I feel.
Sometimes my fears get in the way of my dreams.
Sometimes I like to make up my own words.
Sometimes I wish I could change a lot of things about myself.

But sometimes I am happy to be me.

What are your sometimes?


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