i have a problem

I am a list maker. I have to make lists in order to feel that my life is somewhat organized and so that I don't forget the million things that are running through my head.

My lists usually consist of notes reminding me to pay my tithing, go to the store, buy shower or birthday presents, do random things like clean Brutus's tank, and most importantly, I make TONS of lists to remind me about assignments that need to be done on specific days.

Sounds a little OCD, I know, but that is not the problem I am talking about.

The problem is that although I make all of these lists to help me stay on top of things...it usually NEVER happens. I procrastinate EVERYTHING and end up doing huge assignments the night before they are due.

It's awful. I know.

Take this weekend for example...I had a huge list of homework I needed to get done over the weekend...did I do any of it? Absolutely not.

That is why I have spent the past four hours trying to finish it all before I have to turn it in tomorrow. Sad part is that I am not even halfway done.

Wish me luck in trying to ACTUALLY DO the things I put on my lists from now on!



Laura Muir said...

You are so cute. I love your blog by the way. It s beautiful. This is a funny post. We must be a lot alike, because I always have to have a list of things like that..... Maybe it is in the genes? :)

Laura Muir said...
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