This is me...

Wowen (pronounced "woah-when") is a nickname my youngest brother gave me before he could say his l's and r's. Before I knew it, the whole family was calling me Wowen and the name stuck.

I am basically neither girly-girl nor tom-boy, but a mixture of both. I grew up with three brothers and so am the princess of the family, but also know how to hold my own with the boys. This blog was created as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and as an outlet for me to record my epic happenings and thoughts.

Lauren loves:
friends and family. dance. the color green. reeses. a good book. flowers. singing in my car. shoes. lake powell. disney princesses. cheese fries. music. photography. laughing. cookie dough. rain and thunderstorms. shopping. dr. pepper. afternoon naps. video games. ice cream. pedicures. the beach. and of course, Chris.

This is Chris...

Chris, also known as Christopher on the blog, is Lauren's husband. He is awesome and Lauren loves him. He is so kind to everyone and has a very optimistic outlook on life. He is an extremely hard worker and is very outgoing.

Chris loves: friends and family. video games. sharing treats and dr. pepper with Lauren. in-n-out burgers (animal style). jack johnson. singing in his car. showing off his dance moves. wakeboarding. music. napping. lake powell. and of course, Lauren.

This blog is dedicated to the embarrassing, funny, interesting, and somewhat noteworthy events of my life. These are my adventures, my accomplishments, and my struggles that I share with you in the blogging world.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


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