note to self

It is ok to eat eggs after the "sell-by" date...as long as they are not green. (according to our nurse practitioner friend)

It is not ok to try to get rid of those eggs by making enough scrambled eggs to feed 6 people when you are the only one who is going to be eating them.

I don't think I can eat scrambled eggs again for a while...



the weekend..

So this weekend after work I drove to Salt Lake to spend time with the fam! Saturday night started with a much needed dinner at Training Table (mmm...cheese fries)! I am sad to say that I finally cracked on my no soda record...It started when I got the flu and all I could keep down was Sprite and Saltine crackers...and then again at Training Table I had a Dr. Pepper. Cheese fries just wouldn't be the same without it! But I am still planning on keeping the soda intake to a minimum!

After dinner we went and saw Dinner for Schmucks at the dollar theater. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVED this movie! I laughed the entire time people. And Steve Carell is one of my favorite people of all time!

On Sunday I went to a baby blessing for my cousin's cute new baby boy, Charlie. He was absolutely adorable and the sweet rolls were to DIE for!
I hope you all had a nice weekend!
ps. Chris and I started P90X this week...bring it on Tony


minor setback

So the whole fam was supposed to start P90X right? Ya...about that...we still haven't started. Not because we are lazy though (which is still true), but because we have all been bedridden with sickness at one point or another since the measurements were taken...no joke.

First it was dad,
then Spencer,
then Connor,
then dad again,
then Lauren,
mom and Grant are probably next...

It's been one big sick fest. So, no progress to report just yet, but I have survived the flu and am trying to get back into the routine of things!

Hope you are all healthy and happy!



the challenge

This past week was my dad's 46th birthday and the gift that we all decided to give him (purely out of love) is P90X. If you are unfamiliar with it, here's a little video...

The entire package came with 12 workout DVD's, a step by step fitness guide to show you which workouts to do which day, and a nutrition guide to help you follow and maintain a healthy diet. The whole program is based on different combinations of workouts to create muscle confusion so as to keep your body from hitting plateaus. Kind of intense...I know. 

Chris, myself, and my whole family have decided to take on the challenge! (I thought it was necessary that I join in and do them here at my new house to be of moral support to my dad...and because I tried to do JUST ONE pull-up and failed miserably.)

So, yesterday we all went through the process of weighing ourselves, getting our body fat percentages, taking our measurements, and posing for ridiculously humiliating "before" photos. (I will spare you those images) 

It is now time to get P90X'ed, my friends! I will let you know how we are all progressing!


ps. I just had to let you know that I have not had soda (not even Dr. Pepper...my fav) for 1 month...I feel very accomplished! 


you know what's nice?

...a night in. I get to sit back, eat reeses, catch up on my fav tv shows, and go to bed early. The beginning of school always seems so hectic because you are dealing with a new schedule and trying to find your new classes, buying a million textbooks that put a dent in your pocket, meeting new people, getting back into the habits of homework and waking up earlier...on and on and on. Then...you get to spend a nice night at home (after homework of course) to relax and recuperate. I love that.

Don't you love a night in?


ps. I want to publicly wish my dad a happy birthday!! He is such a great man and the best dad I could ever ask for! Love you, dad, and I hope you had a happy birthday!


dear self...

It was a really bad idea to take this summer off by being lazy when we knew we had signed up for three dance classes in the fall. Now we can barely walk because every single muscle (some we didn't even know existed) in our body are rebelling against us. We better start stretching everyday again because we feel like an old crippled woman. Let's think ahead next time...mmmkay? As Christopher Brown would say...prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance!


ps. our ballroom class is freaking awesome though!