the challenge

This past week was my dad's 46th birthday and the gift that we all decided to give him (purely out of love) is P90X. If you are unfamiliar with it, here's a little video...

The entire package came with 12 workout DVD's, a step by step fitness guide to show you which workouts to do which day, and a nutrition guide to help you follow and maintain a healthy diet. The whole program is based on different combinations of workouts to create muscle confusion so as to keep your body from hitting plateaus. Kind of intense...I know. 

Chris, myself, and my whole family have decided to take on the challenge! (I thought it was necessary that I join in and do them here at my new house to be of moral support to my dad...and because I tried to do JUST ONE pull-up and failed miserably.)

So, yesterday we all went through the process of weighing ourselves, getting our body fat percentages, taking our measurements, and posing for ridiculously humiliating "before" photos. (I will spare you those images) 

It is now time to get P90X'ed, my friends! I will let you know how we are all progressing!


ps. I just had to let you know that I have not had soda (not even Dr. Pepper...my fav) for 1 month...I feel very accomplished! 

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ten-cow nicole said...

hahaha. i love this!

happy birthday joe!