So this last weekend I went to Jackson Hole! Are you jealous? It was bombdiggity! Here are a few reasons why...

We got to stay in Jackson FOR FREE (thanks to Chris's work)!

I loved walking around the shops (even though everything is ridiculously expensive), while Chris...

...liked the Pot Guts

They gave us a free day at the spa (would I like a free pedicure? Umm...ALWAYS!)

They have the best ice cream EVER (no joke...Moo's ice cream...you better visit that lovely place at least once in your life)

get in mah belllly!

Jackson Hole is one of those places that has a homey feel to it, don't you agree? And everyone we came in contact with was so welcoming and nice.

We love Jackson!



and the winner is...

Drum roll please....

This one!
It came in the mail yesterday and it is DANG cute! I'm feeling some black decorative pillows to add a little something. 



i'm baaack!

Yes, folks, I did go out of town again...this time to LAKE POWELL!! (aka the bestest place ever!) The hot sun, warm water, and relaxing atmosphere was beawesome! Getting heat stroke was a pretty big bummer, but it did give me time to finish Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas Sparks. (I definitely recommend this book)

Here are some pictures, my peeps...


the sunrise

we love powell!

Wish I was still there!



happy fourth!

So to catch us all up on the past little while....

I went to the Bees game with the Chris, the fam, and the g-parents which was a total blast! It was absolutely beautiful outside!

For the weekend of the fourth, we all went down to cedar to spend some quality time with the cousins! We hung out, played cards, roasted mallows, went to the movies, did fireworks, and rode horses!

(...yes, I did get on a horse even after last years little mishap and there was no falling off this time around)

Luke and his muscles

Chris and Noah

At the parade

Handsome fellas

Aww...naptime with Noah

Pretty sure this vacation was much needed and I had an absolute blast hanging out with the family! Love every one of them! Such an awesome weekend!

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July holiday!