day 25

What would I find in your bag...

Hahaha oh goodness...if you know me well you know that my purse is always a complete mess. Mostly it is full of gum wrappers, receipts, random papers, movie tickets, etc. I also usually have tons of lip gloss, hand sanitizer, lotion, bobby pins, and a pile of loose change lost in the bottomless pit. Then we have your regular things like my wallet and phone.

Trust me...it is a mess, and the mess just accumulates as Chris will hand me anything and everything to "put it in the purse"...maybe I should get him a purse of his own.

Man-purse + Christopher = Hysterical Awesomeness.



official snot wiper day

Hey hey there...

Just wanted to give a shoutout to the wonderful and professional snot wipers, diaper smellers, throw up cleaner up-ers, listeners of whining and arguing, and all the other joyous duties of motherhood. You are all amazing. I commend you for your patience as well as your impeccable mother senses.

But really,

Happy Mother's Day.

You are great.


ps. to all you future mothers out there...I look forward to serving with you on the battlefield of mom. (in the far distant future mind you)


day 24

A letter to your parents...

Dear Mom and Dad,

Where do I even begin? You two have been and still are such a staple in my life. Words cannot express my gratitude for the way you raised me and the life you created for our family. You taught me how to work hard (even though we still like to be lazy). You taught me to set my standards high because I was capable of accomplishing my goals. You taught me obedience, humility, responsiblity, and so much more. I am grateful that you made it a priority for the family to spend time together whether it be a vacation, dinner in the canyon, or game night because those memories are some of my most cherished. I realize again each day how important you are to me and am grateful that you are always there for me. I cannot thank you enough for the continuous support and love you have for me and I hope that one day I can be the same solid foundation for my own children.

Your only and most favorite daughter