lions, tigers, and bears...oh my!

This week Bethy and I decided we should FINALLY do what we've been planning for ages and go on a double date! We thought it would be fun to go see the Zoo Lights before they ended because we had never been before! We bundled up in our winter gear and despite the frigid weather we had lots of fun! Here are some pictures...

Bethany and Max

Me and Chris

The lights were so cute! I would definitely recommend this as a date or with family! So fun!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and I also hope you have a Happy New Year!! Pictures and stories of tonight's events will go up shortly!




Finals are OVER! I can breathe again! YIPEE!!!

I'm going to celebrate and take a nap!



'tis the season

Christmas is coming and so what does that mean?? PARTIES!! I love parties! They are probably the best thing ever! Last weekend Chris and I and a few friends took a trip up to Oakley for my single's ward Christmas party where we had yummy food, hot chocolate, Christmas stories, and sleigh rides! We even had a visit from the big man himself! Such a fun night!

This week is the last week of dance classes before the Christmas break so that means even more parties!! This year we had pajama parties so I took a couple pictures!

Jazz 1-2

Hip Hop 1

Hip Hop 2

Can I just say that being a dance teacher is totally awesome during the holiday season? I have received so many unexpected gifts! The little girls are so stinking cute and I love all the homemade cards I've gotten! You gotta love little kids!

And what is Christmas without a little dressing up?!

...yes those shorts have jingle bells on them. I know you are jealous.
Merry Christmas!!


ps. it is also finals week...wish me luck!!