the 411

I just wanted you all to know that I successfully peed in a cup last week and passed the drug test with flying colors...thank you, thank you! Don't know why I was nervous in the first place.

Anywho...this week is full of absolute awesomeness, but I'm not going to fill you in on the details until I have some rad pictures to show you. So...you will just have you wait. The suspense is killing you, I know.

On a completely unrelated subject...today is Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays. I think Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Why does it seem that I have irrational feelings towards a certain day of the week?
Well, since you asked...

Monday: This day is the beginning of a whole new week. It is a fresh start. You start monday feeling renewed and refreshed from the weekend. Monday is not so bad, except Monday always feels like it drags on forever.

(I will get to Tuesday shortly)

Wednesday: This day is the middle of the week. It is a day when you can say "yes, I am already halfway done with this week". This is when you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday: This day is awesome because you know that tomorrow is Friday. It is when you know that you can make it through until the weekend.

Friday: This day pretty much explains itself. The week is over and the weekend is just around the corner. Friday is when you let out a sigh of relief that you made it through the long week.

Saturday: This day is the absolute best day and my favorite day of the week. (except for when I have to clean the house) This is the play day.

Sunday: This day is where you get to be spiritually uplifted, and then you get to celebrate with a Sunday nap. It is the much needed day of rest.

And then there is Tuesday: Tuesday is the day after the Monday that seemed to drag on forever. It is the day when you say "UGH it's only TUESDAY! Monday felt SOOOO long and I still have the WHOLE week ahead of me! THIS SUCKS...UGH!" Tuesdays seem to drag on even longer than Mondays. Tuesday is the awful day when you are stuck between the very beginning and the middle. It is the time when you feel like you've been walking through the dark tunnel for a long time already, but there is still no light to be seen. Tuesdays are yucky.

Plus, this Tuesday is especially yucky...have you seen what it looks like outside? It is colorless and gloomy.

Happy Tuesday everyone!



yay for me!

I got the job! WAHOO! The interview went fabulously and they offered me the job! I'm super stoked!

But...(disclaimer: this is very personal information and I'm sorry if you become offended and hate me forever more and then decide to stop reading my blog...but I'm going to be completely honest. When I started this blog I decided to tell you what goes on in my life and in my head...even if it is embarassing and personal)

I have to go pee in a cup. Yikes :S

I haven't peed in a cup since I was a kid and from what I remember...it was a little awkward. Ok...SUPER awkward. What if I get it on myself? Am I the only person who gets nervous about that? What if I just can't get myself to go? Do I just walk out and awkwardly hand them an empty cup? HA! That would be embarrassing. I'm not a druggie, but what if I don't pass for some reason?

I'm nervous...it can't be that bad, right? I'm an adult, I can do this, right? Right?!

Well, wish me luck people.


ps. I got the highest score on my psychology test out of the whole class...booyeah!


happy wednesday!

A couple of things to note...

I had a job interview this morning...keep your fingers crossed for me!

It is my dear friend, Rachel's, birthday today...Rachel and I have been friends since we were in diapers! I love her oodles and pounds! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!

Today is wednesday...that means we're halfway done with this week! I LOVE the weekend!



much awaited break

Spring break is my fav...

I love sleeping in and having absolutely nothing to do!
I get to revisit old friends (aka my bed) and spend some quality time with them.

Every person should be entitled to a spring break, don't ya think?


ps. the weather these past two days has been the bomb dot com...but according to the weatherman it is going to leave me once again :(

pps. my cat is totally snoring right now...loudly...

isn't she so cute?


you have GOT to be kidding me.

Yes, I know I have already posted something today, but...

1 - I was almost crushed by a semi on my way home from school today...TWICE...BY THE SAME SEMI!!

2 - Spencer drank my Dr. Pepper...the one that I put in the fridge THIS MORNING! The one I was going to drink when I got home from school! The one I was so excited about! ESPECIALLY after almost getting hit TWICE! And then HE DENIED ALL OF IT AND HID THE EVIDENCE!

I'm angry.

On a happier note...the weather is just lovely today, isn't it? The sunshine makes me smile...and I love cruising in my car with the windows down!

But I'm still angry.


ps. I wish the big empty Dr. Pepper bottle was nearby so that I could bop Spencer on his freaking head with it! UGH!

a night on the town

So Christopher Brown and I had quite the evening yesterday! Chris's dad got us tickets to the opera!

First we made a quick stop at Subway to fix the rumblies in our tummies...we both tried the chicken bacon ranch sandwich...yum to the max! Go to subway, get the chicken bacon ranch on italian bread with american cheese, lettuce, pickles, and olives. I'm serious.

Then we made our way over to Capitol Theatre where we met up with Chris's dad (did I mention he plays in the symphony? yes, he's pretty awesome) for the tickets. Chris and I enjoyed The Italian Girl in Algiers...even though there were a few parts where he got the "sunday nods"! The opera had breathtaking music and was filled with "intense silliness"...such fun!

After the opera, we met up with Chris's dad again to sit down at Red Rock for my favorite part of any meal...dessert! FYI...their raspberry cheesecake is TO DIE FOR!

Such a fun evening...thank you George for the great tickets!



i am a popcicle.

You know those times when you are so cold that no amount of clothing or blankets will warm you up? That is how I'm feeling right now...freezing. For some reason I just can't seem to get warm today...

On another completely random note...

You know when you see someone else trip or fall and how unbelievably awesome that is? I don't smile or chuckle to myself out of spite...I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only clumsy person in this world. Sometimes it's nice to feel reassured that there are other people out there just like me :)

Speaking of falling...one more awesomely random note...

You know when you went to a park as a little kid and you'd go down the slide? The ride was always awesome, but the landing was always a little sketchy...getting off of a slide is one of the most awkward things you will ever do. There are two options when getting off a slide...either you will get lucky and just slide off gracefully...OR...you will fall on your butt, your back, or your face. The second option is what seems to be the most common ending of my sliding adventures.

This is for all those who have had (not so) graceful landings when dealing with slides...

**definitely funnier without the music...so turn your speakers down, or off**



drum roll please...

Introducing...the new haircut!

I finally did it...I chopped off all my hair!

For some of you, this is old news, but for others...this is the big reveal!
Hope you like it!

And here's a little funny for everybody...
Starring: Milo and Mac doing the "doggie [air] paddle"
**No animals were injured in the making of these films**



i looked out my window and what did i see?

Dear Spring,
I am sick and tired of Winter and would greatly appreciate it if you told yucky Winter to go away and not come back until Christmas time. I miss you terribly and would love to see you ASAP!
Love your dear friend,


yes, we are that cool...


ps. if you didn't see avatar...we recommend it. we also recommend seeing it in 3-D because then you get to be cool like us.


el fin de semana

This weekend was so much fun!

Date with Christopher...Training Table (cheese fries and dr. pepper...yum)...Caitlin and Mason... game night...Olympics...milk and cookies (another yum)...baby blessing...more cookies (yum, yum, yum)...webcam dates with Bethany...missionary open house...LOTS of desserts (I sense a theme)...Chocolat...sunday shakes (the theme continues)...hand and foot with the family...winning hand and foot against the family.

Yep, pretty much a weekend filled with awesomeness!