video breakdown: bye, bye, bye

I've been hearing all the buzz about these One Direction characters and how they are an awesome boy band. This got Chris and I talking with some of our friends about the TRUE boy bands of the 90's. 

After watching this video and commenting with my dear friend, Lindsay, on the awesomeness that is the 90's, I was inspired to start a little series of video breakdowns here on the bliggity blog.

Presenting...N*Sync's Bye Bye Bye

Pretty sure my heart just stopped after watching...this is too fantastic. Let's talk for a moment.

1) Justin's hair. Amazeballs. Nuff said.
2) The fake background in the train scene...love the special effects of the 90's.
3) The dancing on the walls and ceiling of the box...I mean, how cool and disorienting is that?!
4) The moment where the music stops and Justin stares straight into your soul and laughs...I may have died.
5) The pelvic thrust at 2:34...there are no words.
6) Lance acting hard, not gay, as JC puts the cd into the car.
7) JC's big note in the middle of the car chase...swoon.
8) Speaking of the car chase...was that so epic or what?
9) Lance's face at 3:26...this is my "woah, way too fast" face guys.
10) This video is the epitome of awesome.

What were your favorite parts?



the face of procrastination

This is what happens when I try to write a paper...

Dang you Pinterest and all of your awesomeness.

Looks like I will just finish my paper tomorrow.



If you haven't noticed by now, I have redesigned this blog about 3 or 4 times in the past month and a half.

Have you ever made something you absolutely loved? Have you ever hated that very same thing only a few days later? Pretty sure I am having a love-hate relationship with design.

On the bright side, I think I'm done fixing things for a while because I'm tired...as of right now that is. Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently.

On a completely random note...I love that my new years resolution to post more often lasted for about 6 days. I have always been terrible at resolutions.

Please love me through it.



honey, let's talk...

{Question}: What thing does your partner take too seriously?

{Chris}: She takes "getting ready" for the day too seriously.

{Lauren}: Being exactly on time. For sure.

What do you take too seriously?



is it february yet?

Can I just say how excited I am for this movie?? I love both of these actors!

February needs to come faster!!!




I totally just saw Donny Osmond!!!

I was at the Simply Mac store by my house when THE Donny Osmond walked in!

Oh man...that probably makes me a nerd for being so stoked about it, but really, my mother and I LOVE Donny. Always have, always will!

Too bad I was WAY too shocked to ask him for a picture, autograph, or even to say freaking hello! So nothing too epic happened and I don't have any proof other than the huge smile on my face and the stars in my eyes that scream sheer excitement and joy.

Oh man. Today has been a good day.


how i met your mother

Alright folks...if you do not watch this show you need to check it out ASAP!!!

I have been a fan of How I Met Your Mother for a while now and used to burn through episodes like it was nothing. Recently (thanks to my sister-in-law and Netflix) I have rediscovered my love for Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall.

In the past week I have watched an insane amount of this show, but still cannot get enough of it!

The episodes are hysterical, the wardrobes are darling, the characters are so lovable and relatable....seriously, this show is amazeballs.

I may just have to start an episode right now...



artsy fartsy

Since Chris and I got married this past summer I have been busy busy busy with projects to make our little apartment feel more homey. Chris can back me up when I say that while starting all of these projects has been fun and dandy...finishing these projects has taken me quite a while. In fact, the very first one I started is still not quite done.

For one of my projects I decided to whip out some paint and tap into my artistic side...please excuse the phone pictures for I have misplaced the USB cord that goes to my camera.

I decided that an orchid, being delicate and dainty, would offset this...

Haha I never thought I would decorate with an angry tiki man face, but Chris loves him and he has actually grown on me.

What do you think?



new beginnings

Happy new year, folks! I love new years...it is a time to start anew. It is a time of reflection on the challenges and fond memories of the year before. It is a time of resolution.

As I have been thinking about this upcoming year and what is ahead of me I am slightly nervous, but really excited. I have decided that I'm going to buckle down and get my schooling done so that I can hopefully be starting my very last semester of school by this time next year! It's going to be rough and a lot of work, but worth it.

In regards to new years resolutions I'm going to make it a goal to be more consistent on this little blog of mine. I really want this blog to be a journal of sorts. I want to document mine and Christopher's life together and to make this blog a reflection of who I am...who we are. Something we can look back on as the years go by.

What are your resolutions this year?

I hope you've had a lovely new years!