just some randoms.

Yes, I am a nerd...but we all knew that, right?

Yes, that is my teddy bear next to me...his name is butters.

Yes, this is a giant sugar cookie that I ate in one sitting of about 3.2 seconds...thank you, Christopher.


ps. yes, I am very disappointed that it snowed again today.


all done

Third semester DOWN! Oh ya!
I dominated my finals...well at least I think so...grades aren't up for another week or so.
No more school though!
Bring on the summer!



the time has come...

It's finals week again...

wish me luck people!



weekend fun

This weekend we celebrated Chris's 20th birthday!

On Friday we went to Training Table for some delicious food, and then had a night in to watch movies and relax!

On Saturday we spent the day in Orem where we went to In-N-Out Burger and to the movie theater to see Date Night! Later in the evening we had delicious home-cooked spaghetti made by Chris's dad, and then went to the symphony for Pictures at an Exhibition! The show and the food were both fabulous!

After the movie

At dinner

With Christopher's dad before the symphony

On Monday we went to dinner with Chris's mom and sister! We went to Texas Roadhouse and it was delicious to the maximum! Pure awesomeness.

Such a fun weekend! Happy Birthday Christopher! I hope it was awesome!



that's more like it

Um...the weather today? FAB-U-LOUS!

I think Winter read my letter and got the point because today is beautiful! Chris and I even went outside and got some sun for a bit!

Spring, it's nice to see you.



dear winter,

This constant, cruel joke you are playing on me is really getting on my nerves. As soon as I start to believe that my dear friend, Spring, is on its way, you decide that you are still not done. This has gone on long enough...it is the middle of April for goodness sake! Winter, you need to learn when enough is enough. You cannot steal the show for half of the year. You are an attention seeker and you need to shape up. Give the other seasons a chance to be in the limelight.

I appreciate your cooperation.



feeling a little dizzy

I purchased these pairs of shoes a little while ago, but I have finally decided that they are too cute to keep a secret from all of you...plus they were each ten bucks which makes them even cuter!

Cute right?! Gotta love a good deal!

One other thing that I forgot to share with you...

Last Wednesday (the day of Michael Buble), I had to get my blood taken for proof of immunization crap. Most people who know me know that I HATE NEEDLES...I despise them. I am super afraid of them and still to this day I have to fight off tears when I have to go get a shot. Getting my blood taken is not something that I am even remotely ok with...even talking about needles right now is making my heart race.

While sitting in the stupid chair at the stupid clinic with a stupid needle in my arm I started to feel nauseous. I could feel that my body temperature was rising, my palms were sweating, and my heart was racing. I really thought I was going to be sick. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes while breathing deeply to fight off the intense nausea...and that was it. 

You know that feeling of utter confusion when you first wake up in the morning and all that is running through your head is "WHERE AM I?!" That feeling of panic when you can't remember anything? You have no idea what is going on? These were the exact thoughts going through my head at this moment in time.

 Then a familiar voice broke through my confusion saying, "Lauren? Oh good, the color is coming back into your face! Uh-huh, there you go."

Yes, people, it is true...I fainted. And it was awful.

The sheer embarrassment of this situation is enough to make even some of the most confident people want to crawl into a hole and never come out. I hope no one else has to experience such humiliation.


ps. I will never donate blood.


my week of awesomeness

I know what you are thinking..."FINALLY, LAUREN! IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!" Yes, I know, I know.

My week of awesomeness started last wednesday when Christopher and I went to see MICHAEL BUBLE in concert! (sigh) He was freaking FANTASTIC! I love him and have loved him for years and years and years...it was like a dream come true to finally see him in concert. (so was seeing Celine Dion) I couldn't grasp the concept that he was ACTUALLY there in the flesh and that I was ACTUALLY hearing him sing live. (swoon) He's my hero.

Before the show

The awesome acapella group, Naturally 7






Seeing Michael Buble in concert was absolutely magical! If you don't understand my feelings about Michael Buble yet....I LOVE HIM!

The next day was April Fool's Day. Christopher and I went to Training Table and got some delicious cheese fries and Dr. Pepper, and then had a lovely, lazy night in to celebrate our 22 months together...that's almost 2 years people.

Friday brought on another day of awesomeness...the JABBAWOCKEEZ!! Ahhh! I have loved them since the first time I saw them on America's Next Best Dance Crew! They were so awesomespice. I was not allowed to bring my camera into the arena, so here is a video from good ol' YouTube for you...

ps. this is my favorite dance of theirs that I have ever seen

They were also freakishly amazing! Thank you Christopher for these tickets...such a fabulous suprise!

On Saturday Chris, Janoe, and I went to see Clash of the Titans...I actually really liked it! I thought it was a fun movie...definitely entertaining!

I hope you all had weeks filled with awesomeness as well!


ps. this week is awesome too...because of Granite School Districts spring break, I didn't have work or dance yesterday which made today feel like a Monday...and tomorrow is Wednesday!! WAHOO! That means that I skipped Tuesday this week...and we all know how I feel about Tuesdays.



I just wanted to stop by and say...can you believe this dang snow?! Yuck. Pretty sure we have gotten more snow in the past two days than all of Winter combined. Grrr.

Well, that is all....I hope you guys are having a fabulous week! My "week of awesomeness" post is still coming...I didn't forget about it, no worries!