Dear Me,
You did a stellar job at putting on sunscreen...on your front only. It's not your fault that you can't reach your back...that is a difficult task, I understand. But, how about we remember to bring someone who can put sunscreen on your back for next time, mmmkay? Awesome.
Love, your half burned to a crisp self.

you've got mail...edition 1

Dear Brutus,
I am so glad you decided to end the hunger strike and finally start eating the food I give you...I was getting ready to plan a funeral for you. I also enjoy watching you swim around and be active now that you have food in your belly. You are a new fishy...keep it up.
Love, your mama.


Dear Miguel The Yoga Teacher,
You kicked my ace last night. I can barely move today...why do you have to throw such crazy poses in my direction and then sit and watch while we try to contort our bodies like yours? I am sorry that I look so awkward when trying your stalls...and that I fall on my butt. Please don't laugh at my foolishness.
Love, the spaztic girl from your yoga class


Dear Toe Nail Polish,
I am seriously digging this color right now. Thank you for making my tootsies look awesomespice and tan.

Please don't chip too soon, or else I will have to steal you from my cousin Sarah.
Love, the awesome girl who picked you out
ps. you look better in person...just sayin'


Dear Tree Cutter Man,
No I am not the owner of this house, and no that 10 year old boy is not my son. I do not look old enough to own such things...who do you think you are? Will I tell my parents to hire you so you can give my tree a hair cut? Ummmm...I think you should ask the tree first, but I guess I will ask the parentals for you because I am that awesome.
Love, the girl who is not offended even though you made such haneous accusations.


Dear Me,
I am so excited you are taking me to the pool again today. Let's go get our tan on! Also, thank you for having no work on Fridays...you are so smart.
Love, Me.



So basically laying by the pool is the best way to spend the day when you don't have to work.

Smelling the mixture of sunscreen and chlorine, listening to the kiddies splash in the water, feeling slightly crispy from the hot sun while enjoying the light breeze...yes, the pool is where I want to be.

So relaxing, so perfect.

(and the tan is a nice little extra bonus)




So I have been looking for a pair of ruffle pumps for a long, long time now...

Behold, the most perfect pair of red ruffle pumps I have ever laid eyes upon...

I love these shoes with every fiber of my being and guess what?

They don't have my size. Not one single store out of all the stores that carry this shoe has them.


I think I might cry.



oh no...

...I fell in love again...
It's a little blurry...but still so cute.

I now have a dilemma...

What do you think?



i'm in love...

...with this stinking cute bedspread!

What do you think?

So cute, right? I'm really tempted to buy this for myself...




Well, what do you know?

Fish really do like hammocks...





I can't help it people...I have an obsession for shoes...and it is a BIG one.

The good thing about my obsession that helps itself stay afloat is that my favorite type of shoes are shoes on SALE!! :)

Here are my most recent purchases...

All SUPER cute right?! Well my friends, each pair was only 7 bones...did the heavens just open up? Are those angels I hear? Yes. Yes, I do believe so.

What could make this happy girl an ecstatic girl? More shoes, you say? Why yes!

I found these sweet flippies at the amazing price of 2 for 5 dollars...

Awesome colors...even awesomer price.

I think I have died and gone to heaven.



round dos.

Yesterday Christopher and I celebrated our two year anniversary! The day went as follows...

1. Jack Johnson. Chris and I both LOVE him and his new CD came out yesterday...thanks Jack for the anniversary gift! ps. this CD is yet another awesome one.

2. Training Table. Of course we had to stop by our favorite restaurant...the cheese fries (and hawaiian burger for chris) were calling our names. Mmmm so tasty!

He really was excited...don't be fooled by the goofy face.

3. Petsmart. Remember Killer...previously known as Bob? Well...I've wanted a little fish friend of my own so Christopher surprised me by taking me to Petsmart!

Meet Brutus...

The green line? Oh no worries, that is a leaf hammock. Beta fish like them apparently.

4. Gift exchange. This year Christopher Brown was such a sweetie...he bought me a beautiful pearl necklace that I absolutely adore! I made him a super cozy Sigma Chi blanket! (all by myself I might add)


5. Scrapbooking. Yes, this was my idea. Last year when I made Chris a scrapbook, it took a loooong time (thank you to my girlies who helped me). So this year I decided we would work on it together! He was a very good sport. 

6. Dinner. We made personal pizza's together for dinner...boy were they DELICIOUS!! Sorry...no pictures...we were too hungry by this point to even remember to take pictures! :)

7. Chick Flick. Yes, I have an awesome boyfriend who will gladly watch a chick flick with me...so nice. We watched Dear John...I love Nicholas Sparks so I think I'm going to read the book.

Thank you Christopher for my nice gifts and such a fun day!