the one you have all been waiting for...

So...remember how I had that awesome story for all of you? I have decided that I better tell you finally...

Last weekend (on the day of the big move) Lauren was packing up all her things when her dad came into the room asking what the future held for her little fishy, Brutus.

"I'm taking him with me," Lauren replied.
"How are you going to do that?" Dad asked.
"Uhh...with the vase between my legs?"

Lauren's dad laughed at her foolishness and told her that for the drive to her new home, it would be wise to empty out some of the water and securely place him in a box. So, Lauren went to the bathroom to do as her dad had suggested.

Now, Brutus is a fish with a mind of his own. He likes to make things difficult for Lauren when she tries to take care of him. Brutus likes to swim down and wedge himself between the rocks despite the danger he faces of being crushed. He also likes to swim upstream when the water is being poured out of his vase until he is laying flat on his side in the smallest amount of water possible despite the danger he faces of suffocation and immobility in the open air. Because of this, Lauren was not surprised when Brutus swam down to the very bottom of the tank while she was emptying out his water.

But...on this specific occasion...a small rock slipped from its spot and clanged against the glass, terrifying Brutus! Brutus swam as fast as he could away from the rocks and JUMPED RIGHT OUT OF THE VASE DOWN THE SINK DRAIN!!

"BRUTUS!!" Lauren screamed in fear.

She stood there shocked at the tragedy she had just witnessed and called to her dad holding back tears at the loss of her fishy friend. Lauren's dad gave a slight chuckle when he saw Lauren's traumatic situation and told her to quickly step aside.

Like a knight in shining armor, Lauren's dad went to action quickly unscrewing the pipes under the sink. Lauren was instructed to plug the drain and fill the sink with clean water as her dad dumped out the dingy muck sitting in the pipe. And then Lauren beheld a marvelous sight! BRUTUS WAS ALIVE and swimming frantically in the dirt! She quickly scooped him up and placed him back in his home. Lauren thanked her dad for being so awesome and saving her little fishy.

Brutus was a lucky fish to survive and probably the only one of his kind to live and tell his tale of the journey down the dark sink drain.

The End.




Do you ever have those days when you just feel like there is too much to handle? I definitely feel that way today.

Maybe it's because I hate going home to an empty, quiet house?
Maybe it's because learning how everything works at a new job just sucks?
Maybe it's because one of my professors scared the living daylights out of me today?
Maybe it's because I have a big dance audition tomorrow?
Maybe it's because I just changed majors and now have no idea what I'm doing?
Maybe it's because textbook prices are through the roof and the lines at the book store take 45 mintues to get through?
Maybe it's because all of my money goes to these overpriced books?
Maybe it's because I'm in a whole new city?
Maybe it's because I have work to do for an online class, but no internet connection at home?

Whatever it may be, it better stop now. I would like to enjoy school...please and thank you.



you never realize...

...how many clothes you have until you are packing them all up

...how many dang pairs of shoes you have until you pull them all out of your closet

...the tetris skills required when packing your car until you try to move everything in only one trip

...how awkward it will be to move your fish until you are in the car trying not to spill his water everywhere (good story coming soon)

...how lucky you are to be surrounded by people you love and how much you will miss them until you leave them



Hello friends! I am SO sorry I haven't been around lately...I've been moving and haven't had internet access! I'm borrowing my friend's at the moment! Tomorrow is the first day of school though, so I will post on my break...I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and that I haven't forgotten about this blog...I have a good story coming up soon!

Love you all...and I ask that you please love me through this no-internet phase!



a day at the zoo

My mother, Grant, Christopher, and I all went to the zoo yesterday.
...the occasion?
1. it was Zuri's first birthday (the baby elephant)
2. my awesome friend Caitlin is the train driver...(super legit, I know)

Because of my glorious connections, we got into the zoo FO FREE! But, pretty sure the zoo was HOT yesterday...I was dying! The animals and the new additions were fun to see though and the monkeys are always the favorite! After a couple of hours of walking around, we decided to end the day riding the train!

Caitlin in her snazzy conductor overalls

I've got the hook-ups...no worries.

Later in the evening, Chris and I went on a double date with two of his friends...we started the night out at the DoDo (delicious BTW), played a little Bocce Ball, and (because Chris and I lost...) Chris had to buy dessert for everyone at Yogurt Stop.

ps. get peach yogurt topped with strawberries, raspberries, and mango...TO DIE FOR!



just a little funny

When I posted about the family reunion I hadn't loaded any pictures onto my computer, but I thought this one was pretty awesome and deserved to be put up anyway...

Here is Uncle Doug on a horse on a business call in the middle of nowhere on a mountain.
The Modern Cowboy.




So, pretty sure I have gone on a shopping rampage the past week or so...only trying to get ready for the big move though!

So far I have acquired...
1. New Bedspread and Shams
2. New 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set (still in the mail...on its way though)
3. 2 Black Decorative Pillows (to match the bedspread)
4. 1 Orange Decorative Pillow (for a little contrast...and to help the black pillows not look so intense)
5. 8 Bath Towels
6. 2 Sets of Dishes
7. 1 New Robe (mine was in need of serious replacement)
8. 1 Wii (yes, I am a nerd...but it was a freaking awesome deal and I wanted one)

Things I still need to buy...
1. 2 Pillows
2. 2 Firmer Pillows for the Shams
3. (Possibly) a New Down Comforter
4. (Possibly) a New Mattress Pad
5. (Possibly) a Bath Rug
6. (Possibly) a New Bedside Lamp
7. Groceries
8. Tithing (not really buying, but still qualifies)

Intense list filled with quite expensive things...I know.

Then, I found the cutest artwork at Target (my new favorite store), but decided that I should not take anything more from my starving checking account. So...I decided to try adding a little creativity to my life and draw some myself!
ps. don't laugh because I am just a beginner, ok? I'm working on it. (also, you can't see the color due to the flash)

(this one is not completely finished)

Not sure if I will end up using these, but it has been fun nonetheless! Hope you all are doing fabulously! Love you all!



hello there!

So, if you are wondering why I have been MIA lately...it's because, once again, I was out of town! I have been seriously spoiled this past month! This time there was a fam reunion and it was freaking awesome! I definitely needed a week to just sit and have to time to read and hang out with the whole fam.

Guess what, people? I have a job interview tonight...wish me luck ok? Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well! I need to start getting ready to go. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that, yes, I am still alive...no worries!

Love you all!