So, pretty sure I have gone on a shopping rampage the past week or so...only trying to get ready for the big move though!

So far I have acquired...
1. New Bedspread and Shams
2. New 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set (still in the mail...on its way though)
3. 2 Black Decorative Pillows (to match the bedspread)
4. 1 Orange Decorative Pillow (for a little contrast...and to help the black pillows not look so intense)
5. 8 Bath Towels
6. 2 Sets of Dishes
7. 1 New Robe (mine was in need of serious replacement)
8. 1 Wii (yes, I am a nerd...but it was a freaking awesome deal and I wanted one)

Things I still need to buy...
1. 2 Pillows
2. 2 Firmer Pillows for the Shams
3. (Possibly) a New Down Comforter
4. (Possibly) a New Mattress Pad
5. (Possibly) a Bath Rug
6. (Possibly) a New Bedside Lamp
7. Groceries
8. Tithing (not really buying, but still qualifies)

Intense list filled with quite expensive things...I know.

Then, I found the cutest artwork at Target (my new favorite store), but decided that I should not take anything more from my starving checking account. So...I decided to try adding a little creativity to my life and draw some myself!
ps. don't laugh because I am just a beginner, ok? I'm working on it. (also, you can't see the color due to the flash)

(this one is not completely finished)

Not sure if I will end up using these, but it has been fun nonetheless! Hope you all are doing fabulously! Love you all!



ten-cow nicole said...
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ten-cow nicole said...

so fun moving into your first place!

I have a cute lamp if you want it! It's just taking up space in my storage unit, so if you need one it's yours!