i need your opinion...

What do you think about the new blog design? It is still under construction, but a new look was needed, you agree?

I would love and greatly appreciate your feedback, though I kind of enjoy the new feel...thoughts?

Also, I am in the workings of starting up a facebook page so come support!

Love you all!!



countin' down

Countin' down the days until the big one...only about a month and a half people. Crazy, right? Well we have been busy busy busy trying to get plans all together and now is when all the fun things happen!

Fun things like engagement pictures...

Sara Boulter is amazing ps....absolutely loved her!




day 22/23

What makes you different from everyone else?

So uh....I honestly have tried to come up with something for days and am at a loss, therefore I am skipping this question.

Next question...

Something you crave for a lot...

Definitely Dr. Pepper, Reeses, ice cream, and cheese fries...all junk food, which is quite sad, but oh well.