my week of awesomeness

I know what you are thinking..."FINALLY, LAUREN! IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!" Yes, I know, I know.

My week of awesomeness started last wednesday when Christopher and I went to see MICHAEL BUBLE in concert! (sigh) He was freaking FANTASTIC! I love him and have loved him for years and years and years...it was like a dream come true to finally see him in concert. (so was seeing Celine Dion) I couldn't grasp the concept that he was ACTUALLY there in the flesh and that I was ACTUALLY hearing him sing live. (swoon) He's my hero.

Before the show

The awesome acapella group, Naturally 7






Seeing Michael Buble in concert was absolutely magical! If you don't understand my feelings about Michael Buble yet....I LOVE HIM!

The next day was April Fool's Day. Christopher and I went to Training Table and got some delicious cheese fries and Dr. Pepper, and then had a lovely, lazy night in to celebrate our 22 months together...that's almost 2 years people.

Friday brought on another day of awesomeness...the JABBAWOCKEEZ!! Ahhh! I have loved them since the first time I saw them on America's Next Best Dance Crew! They were so awesomespice. I was not allowed to bring my camera into the arena, so here is a video from good ol' YouTube for you...

ps. this is my favorite dance of theirs that I have ever seen

They were also freakishly amazing! Thank you Christopher for these tickets...such a fabulous suprise!

On Saturday Chris, Janoe, and I went to see Clash of the Titans...I actually really liked it! I thought it was a fun movie...definitely entertaining!

I hope you all had weeks filled with awesomeness as well!


ps. this week is awesome too...because of Granite School Districts spring break, I didn't have work or dance yesterday which made today feel like a Monday...and tomorrow is Wednesday!! WAHOO! That means that I skipped Tuesday this week...and we all know how I feel about Tuesdays.

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