you have GOT to be kidding me.

Yes, I know I have already posted something today, but...

1 - I was almost crushed by a semi on my way home from school today...TWICE...BY THE SAME SEMI!!

2 - Spencer drank my Dr. Pepper...the one that I put in the fridge THIS MORNING! The one I was going to drink when I got home from school! The one I was so excited about! ESPECIALLY after almost getting hit TWICE! And then HE DENIED ALL OF IT AND HID THE EVIDENCE!

I'm angry.

On a happier note...the weather is just lovely today, isn't it? The sunshine makes me smile...and I love cruising in my car with the windows down!

But I'm still angry.


ps. I wish the big empty Dr. Pepper bottle was nearby so that I could bop Spencer on his freaking head with it! UGH!

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