happy fourth!

So to catch us all up on the past little while....

I went to the Bees game with the Chris, the fam, and the g-parents which was a total blast! It was absolutely beautiful outside!

For the weekend of the fourth, we all went down to cedar to spend some quality time with the cousins! We hung out, played cards, roasted mallows, went to the movies, did fireworks, and rode horses!

(...yes, I did get on a horse even after last years little mishap and there was no falling off this time around)

Luke and his muscles

Chris and Noah

At the parade

Handsome fellas

Aww...naptime with Noah

Pretty sure this vacation was much needed and I had an absolute blast hanging out with the family! Love every one of them! Such an awesome weekend!

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July holiday!


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ten-cow nicole said...

such a fun weekend!

Hope you guys have a great time at Powell.