the weekend..

So this weekend after work I drove to Salt Lake to spend time with the fam! Saturday night started with a much needed dinner at Training Table (mmm...cheese fries)! I am sad to say that I finally cracked on my no soda record...It started when I got the flu and all I could keep down was Sprite and Saltine crackers...and then again at Training Table I had a Dr. Pepper. Cheese fries just wouldn't be the same without it! But I am still planning on keeping the soda intake to a minimum!

After dinner we went and saw Dinner for Schmucks at the dollar theater. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVED this movie! I laughed the entire time people. And Steve Carell is one of my favorite people of all time!

On Sunday I went to a baby blessing for my cousin's cute new baby boy, Charlie. He was absolutely adorable and the sweet rolls were to DIE for!
I hope you all had a nice weekend!
ps. Chris and I started P90X this week...bring it on Tony

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