halloween fun

Halloween was awesome last week! I would like to brag a little bit and tell you that I got to dress up 4 TIMES! Awesome right? You jealous? I thought so!

Anyway...The reason why is because last week was halloween week at the dance studio so for every class that I teach or TA for, I got to dress up and have a halloween party! I took some pictures of the classes I teach for you all to see...




Hip Hop 1

Hip Hop 2

These classes were so much fun and I absolutely LOVED seeing their cute costumes! We had awesome parties filled with spooky music, candy, games, and the oh so loveable THRILLER dancing! I left with quite the stash of goodies...all the benefits of trick-or-treating without walking in the cold and totally unpredictable Utah weather! BONUS!

Then came the actual Halloween night and as a tradition, the Sherwood cousins all go to Grandma and Papa's house to show off our costumes...yes I am a college student, but I still love this tradition! I couldn't miss it! The costume that pretty much trumped all costumes I have seen in my lifetime would have to be that of my little cousin Jack...

Jack aka Gene Simmons

Is that not just about the best thing you have ever seen in your life? He is the only 5 year old kid I know with the spunk to pull that off! Look, he's even got the tongue down! Ha!

Later in the evening, Chris and I got together with my old friend Jamie Harrison and her boyfriend Jake for a couples costume competition! We dressed up and went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner...but before dinner we had to ask people walking around Gateway whose costume was better and the winning couple received free dessert paid for by the losers! We were totally stoked and couldn't wait for the results...here is the picture...

Jamie and Jake aka WWE Wrestlers...Me and Chris aka Old Couple

Needless to say...we won. Victory has never tasted so sweet!



Janssen said...

Those old people costumes are AWESOME. I'm seriously impressed. The shoes, particularly, make the outfit.

ten-cow nicole said...

ha! i love that chris has mismatched socks. so great.

jack cracks me up. such a funny little kid!