another celebration...

Yesterday was Spencer's 16th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRETCH! So I would like to take a little time to once again celebrate a birthday and tell you 16 little tidbits and reasons why I love Spencey...

1) He loves to sing...whether in the shower, doing chores, or just walking around
2) He has a great sense of humor and constantly surprises me with his clever comments
3) He has such a passion for music...especially the piano
4) He makes awesome chocolate shakes
5) He loves basketball and is a really talented player
6) He dominates at pretty much every video game
7) He is a good student...although sometimes a procrastinator
8) He is the social butterfly of the family and has a plethora of friends
9) He is an awesome wakeboarder and is always willing to push himself to try new things behind the boat
10) He loves lake powell and the beach and would spend every waking moment in those places if he could
11) He can put away food like it's nobody's business...I like to call him the human garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner
12) His height comes to be of great benefit when I cannot reach the top shelf
13) He comes and kills spiders for me in the middle of the night
14) He can quote movies better than anyone else and loves to throw those quotations into everyday conversation providing much comic relief on a daily basis
15) He doesn't mind my silly singing or dancing around the house
16) He is lots of fun to be around and is always concerned for those around him

I love you so much Spencey! You are great and you will always be my little brother no matter how many more inches you grow! Happy Birthday! ...yesterday


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