a day to celebrate

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Katie Fredrickson! I love her so much! Katie turned 19 today so I would like to take a moment to share 19 reasons why I love her...

1) She is a nerd just like me
2) She sings in the car at the top of her lungs with me
3) She is such a fun shopping partner
4) She loves her friends and is always supportive of them
5) She will eat like crazy with me...especially when it comes to junk food
6) She is such a beautiful girl inside and out
7) She and I can play video games for four straight hours
8) She can eat a Bob's Brainfreeze multiple times a day and never get sick of them
9) She and I can have fun at Dan's
10) She loves to take silly pictures with me
11) She knows every word to the Pokemon theme song
12) She dominates at Mario Kart
13) She has such a good work ethic and finds the time to juggle two jobs on top of school and homework
14) She is awesome at debate and has even won awards for being so awesome
15) She loves to connect with her inner child and watch cartoons and the disney channel
16) She always has awesome music
17) She is always there for me when I need her
18) She will dance around in a massive fish outfit on the corner with me
19) She is such a strong person no matter what difficulties she faces

I love you so much Katie!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! MUAH



Katie Fredrickson said...

ohhhh my!!! you are my best friend forever and always! thank you so much for that :) you are the greatest. i love you sooo much!!

Katie Fredrickson said...
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