good times and great people

Not too long ago Chris and I went to a Utah football game with our friends Abbie and Christian...the game was awesome! Here are some pictures...compliments of Abbie...

We killed the other team and so during the third quarter we decided to leave and get some grub! Of course we hit up Red Robin, (a) because that's pretty much where we always go and (b) their fries are absolutely delicious! We met up with another friend, David, and had an awesome time! After a super satisfying meal, we said goodbye to Abbie and headed to David's house for a movie...what did we choose? 17 Again... I love this movie...so cute, Zac Efron is amazing in it, and I can now see the resemblance between Matthew Perry and my uncle Doug*. After the movie had ended and we had played an absolutely awesome game on David's playstation, the boys started up another freakishly amazing and hilarious game...ninja destruction (or ninja assassin as Chris insists on calling it). This game is very similar to a hand clapping sort of game or like a big booty game where you have a group of people, but in this particular game you are only allowed one body movement at a time in the fashion of a ninja...sounds strange right? I thought so too, but no, this game is awesome! 1. it's SO funny to watch and 2. it's actually quite challenging! So...the next time we come into contact, I will teach you the ways of the ninja and we can battle...if you are willing to face destruction of course!


ps. Chris and I have had an ongoing argument on the issue of whether the elliptical is running...what do you guys think??

*Doug aka "Dug" has apparently been known to look like Matthew Perry and I can see that after watching 17 Again, but I still think he looks more like Donny Osmond!

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