in case you haven't already noticed...

...winter is upon us, my friends.

Oh joy.

In happier news...it is almost Thanksgiving break!! YIPEE! I have exactly four classes and two shifts at work until I'm homeward bound for Thanksgiving! Can't wait!!

Also, it is my dear friend, Katie's, birthday today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love this girl to death! She is bombdiggity and we have had some seriously awesome times together!

Dear Katie...

Friend! Do you remember how we became friends in 9th grade because we were on the same cheer squad? Do you remember how extremely awkward we were? Here is a little reminder...

YIKES! How could we seriously have looked so sicknasty?!?! Please don't hate me because I put that on the blog...we are taking a flashback :)

Then do you remember how we thought we were so cool because we were sophomores in high school??

At least we finally started to get out of the awkward phase!

Then do you remember how awesome we were as juniors because we weren't the bottom of the totem pole anymore? And how we had some radical times just taking gooney pictures? And how this was the summer you introduced me to Chris Brown? Thanks again for that...I owe you one.

Then do you remember being seniors and having American History together? Do you remember how we were freaking crazy and were ACTUALLY awesome this year because we were the top dawgs? hahaha we fo sho ruled. (and jk, we were actually awesome always...and still are)

Then do you remember how we went to college and now live in different cities? Ya, I remember that too. Do you remember how badly that stinks? But, even so, we will always be the bestest of friends because.... "Katie is my friend, Lauren is my friend...we are such good friends!!"




dixie123 said...

Friend!! Oh my that picture is horrid of us...i miss you so much I really want to see you!! Call me please! Looooove toughly!

teenystagg said...

I love this!!! i love you both!!