why hello there

Hello, little forgotten blog of mine...how have you been? I agree that it has been quite a while and thought it time that I paid you a visit.

To give you an update on my life...

I have been busy busy busy with trying to get wedding planning done on top of work and school and homework! I apologize for that is the reason I have been missing for a while.

Things are going well though and at the moment I am working on something pretty big! Last semester I worked on this dang research paper for one of my classes...that paper was pretty much the death of me. I worked long hours and finally turned it in at the end of the semester after multiple painful revisions.

Well...this semester my professor contacted me and recommended that I submit my papers to this big academic conference. I did so and my paper was accepted! I now have to present my paper at the conference and so am trying to put that presentation together...scary!

Anyway, I hope all is well! We will visit again very soon...I promise.


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