day 19

Nicknames you have and why you have them...

over the years I have had tons of nicknames...some come and go and others like to stick around...here are the few I can remember.

Booster or Boo - my dad has called me this since the day I can remember
Wowen - my youngest brother called me this before he could say his l's and r's
L-en - pronounced ellen...my good friend, Jamie, came up with this one
Lorenzo - also created by my good friend, Jamie.
L-train - I'm pretty sure this originated in my dance class?
Laur - This is the nickname many people call me, but mostly Bethy and Caitlin

and my favorite...

Pretty - This is what Christopher Brown calls me on a regular basis...I love that the first thing he says when he sees me is "Hey pretty, how are you?"

What are your nicknames?



Jamie & Jake said...

I really love that I am in this blog post. I miss you Lorenzo ;) hehe let's double soon. what the heck?

Lauren said...

seriously a double is definitely overdue! Let's get on that! love your face jams