day 13

A letter to someone who has hurt you recently...

Well, because I can't think of an instance where someone has hurt me recently, I will write a letter to someone who was really frustrating...

Dear Crazy mother of the bride that I helped yesterday,

Your daughter wants a mermaid dress, not a ballgown. She wants to look sultry, not princessy. I know this because she told me while you were gone. Let her wear what she wants...it is her day after all. You have already had your wedding day and I'm sure it was fabulous...now let your cute daughter have her own wedding day. It is extremely rude to say the things you did yesterday and you can't bash on EVERY SINGLE DRESS she comes out in. We are all very certain on which one is your favorite...you don't have to look in disgust on everything your daughter likes. We KNOW you think the ballgown is exquisite. We get it, ok? Please stop calling the mermaid dresses "K-Mart" dresses...they are not. And please stop telling your daughter she looks sickly or pastey in her favorite mermaid dress. And please stop telling your daughter that "those other dresses" make her boobs look awful and that they do absolutely nothing for her figure. Let her pick her own dang dress, ok?!


ps. and when you tell her that YOUR favorite is the dress she will be purchasing because she's the princess and it's "all about her"...we all know you're lying. the end.

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