One question can change your life in an instant.

I won't get ahead of myself though...let's start at the beginning.

My family went to Arizona for Christmas this year and we spent the first few days of the trip Christmas shopping. On the 22nd, just a few days before Christmas, we had been shopping all day. After spending a couple of hours at the mall my mom suggested I take a trip to the nail salon while my dad and two brothers went to get haircuts so that she could finish up some last Christmas shopping without our curious eyes snooping around. Where did the third brother go during all of this? No worries, he went to get a manicure with me!

A full set of freshly painted nails later and we were headed to yet another mall. By this time in the evening we had been shopping for a good five or six hours and were all pooped. The boys begged my parents to return to the hotel and they finally gave in. BUT, we had to stop at Costco first. Why couldn't we go the next day? Who knows...the parentals were being very secretive, but hey, it was Christmas time after all and according to my father, "you don't ask questions around Christmas"!

Finally my parents decided we could go back to the hotel and we were all relieved to be going back! As we were making our way up the stairs my mom gave a warning that we were not allowed to enter her room without permission while they sorted out the purchases of the day. So I got into my jammies and was kicking it with the brothers in the living room area when my mother came out carrying four gifts. Apparently these early christmas surprises were the reason for their secrecy all day. An early present? Yes, please! The presents were opened one by one going youngest to oldest and when I opened mine I was surprised to see it empty!

My parents bantered back and forth about who was supposed to put the present in the bag and my mother apologized for forgetting. My dad told us all to close our eyes because the present was not wrapped and he went to grab it from their room. I was trying to think of what little present could fit into the small bag when my dad told me to open my eyes...

One question can change your life in an instant.

"Lauren, will you marry me?"
My cute boyfriend (or should I say fiance) flew out to Arizona and surprised me! I had absolutely no idea it was coming and he is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for! And now...



teenystagg said...

AHHH cutest story ever!!! So happy for you Lauren!!!

dixie123 said...

i am so excited!!!!

teenystagg said...

I DEF need an invite BTW

Kirstyn said...

Lauren I love this!!! So happy for you two and cutest story EVER!