**Disclaimer: this post contains personal information that may make some feel uncomfortable. Translation: this post talks about pee, infections, and lady parts.**

Well hello there my friends! I know it has been a whole month since I last posted...what can I say? Life is like that sometimes. But, instead of writing something boring (which never happens anyway, right?) I thought I would give you a little post to make you feel bad for me and, therefore, make you send nice things to me in the mail. Ha, I think I am so funny.

Anywho, let's get to the point here, people.

This morning I was stalking reading one of my all-time favorite blogs and stumbled upon this little post...please read

Now, for those of you who didn't read...basically she talks about her "peefection" aka "UTI" aka (for those who are fortunate enough to not know what this is) "urinary tract infection"...look it up.

So...as I was reading this post all I could think was..."No way! Yesterday morning I woke up to 'Zing! I have to pee something fierce!'" and a few mintues later had the "fire pee" experience...not to mention the ITCHING!! AH!

Yes, my friends, I got the peefection as well. Suck.
But, have no fear for I am being medicated and will be in tip-top shape in no time.
ps. My youngest brother asked me if I was sick and I told him I just had a small infection...later that day he wouldn't let me have a sip of his drink. I asked him why to which he replied, "I don't want to get your infection." HAHAHAHAHA...oh right...THAT'S how I got infected. I forgot.

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