i'm happy today

Want to know why?

1- The sun is staying out later...this means spring is coming and bitter cold winter is leaving

2- I got my Grey's Anatomy fix today...this means I got to laugh, cry, and enjoy all the drama with my favorite doctors

3- I have a bag of chocolates...this means my sweet tooth is constantly being fed which makes me happy

4- I had my first ballroom experience today...this means that I got a taste of something I have always wanted to try and found out that I love it

5 - I'm going to dance today...this means I get to see all my bestest friends and have a grand ol' time doing what I love most

6 - Tomorrow is friday...this means that I have nothing on my to-do list and I get to be a couch potato! And I get to go on a date with Christopher Brown!

So, yes, I'm happy today...  :)


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